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    06. December

    Colonna Kinnisvara supports Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital

    Colonna Kinnisvara has launched a Christmas campaign aimed at purchasing equipment needed by the intensive care unit at Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital.

    According to Roberto de Silvestri, a member of the management board of Colonna Kinnisvara, 2013 has been a very successful year for the company. In January the company completed a record transaction and acquired 16 commercial buildings from the real estate firm Ektornet. Also this year the company purchased the Press House, which it intends to transform into an office building with a pleasant atmosphere akin to that of the Creative Centre at Niine 11. “As we come to the end of this successful year, we’d like to make a socially useful contribution, so we and some of our partners are sponsoring Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital,” de Silvestri explained.

    Pelgulinna is one of the three largest maternity hospitals in Estonia – every fourth child born in the country comes into the world here. “Childbirth is a wonderful thing,” said Dr Maike Parve, Head of the Women’s Clinic at Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital. “While most mothers give birth without complications, in some cases the life and health of a newborn depend on prompt specialist help. To achieve that, competent and experienced medical staff often need modern equipment.”

    The money donated in the course of the charity project launched by Colonna Kinnisvara and the Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital Support Foundation will be used to buy an incubator for the intensive care unit. “Premature babies are incapable of maintaining a normal body temperature, which is why an incubator facilitates the proper growth conditions for them,” explained Dr Parve.

    Everyone is welcome to contribute to the initiative by calling 900 6000 to donate 5 euros or 900 6100 to donate 10 euros.

    You can also donate directly to the bank accounts of the Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital Support Foundation: 221014760940 (Swedbank), 10220049001018 (SEB) and EE883300333007640004 (Danske Bank).



    Watch a clip about Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO3LQhfVaeU&feature=youtu.be

    Colonna Kinnisvara, which was founded in 2006 and is primarily engaged in capital mediation, has already invested 110 million euros in real estate projects in Estonia. The investors affiliated with the company currently own 40 commercial buildings. Total rental space is more than 132,000 m² and the number of commercial tenants is approximately 360.

    For further information please contact:

    Eeva Kauba

    Executive Director of Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital Support Foundation



    +372 5552 8323

    Maret Soom
    Press Officer (OnePr)
    +372 5596 2616