• February 2014

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    18. February

    Colonna purchased Mustamäe tee 50

    Investors affiliated with Colonna completed the purchase transaction of a registered movable at 50 Mustamäe Road in Kristiine area in Tallinn. It is a multifunctional business building that has retail space on the street level and office space on other floors. The total area of the space for rent is 6 600m2. The parties do not disclose the price of the transaction. 

    According to the Board Member of Colonna Kinnisvara, Marek Õunamägi, Mustamäe Road 50 is a multifunctional office building with a great location for businesses and it fits well in in Mustamäe Road quarter of business and enterprises. “We believe that the minor vacancy of the building will be fulfilled in the near future. After the necessary investments, the building will have a stable and sustainable rental yield,” added Õunamägi. Currently the 6 600 m2 building has 620 m2 office space vacancy on the third floor.


    In parallel with the office space, Colonna also develops residential buildings. This month, Colonna Kinnisvara started the sale and construction process of apartments in Vana-Kuuli street in Lasnamäe. “Liikuri 41”, a residential development one kilometre away from the Song Festival Grounds, will have six apartment buildings, and the first one will be completed by April 2015.

    The investors affiliated with Colonna have purchased a total of 40 objects in Estonia. Majority of these are buildings with rental yield. In total, Colonna has over 140 000 m2 of leased space under management. The latest large-scale transaction of Colonna’s investors took place in November last year when they purchased Ajakirjandusmaja in the city centre on Pärnu Road. The company actively continues to purchase new investment objects for the portfolio of its investors.

    Additional info

    Marek Õunamägi

    Colonna Kinnisvara OÜ

    Board Member

    GSM: +372 50 133 56

    Tel: +372 646 1004

    Email: marek@colonna.ee

    10. February

    New development on the edge of Lasnamäe, Liikuri 41


    New development on the edge of Lasnamäe, Liikuri 41

    The new developed residential area of Liikuri 41 is located in Lasnamäe, on the corner of Vana-Kuuli and Liikuri street. The Liikuri 41 development area is planned to have six apartment buildings with 33 apartments each, in total of 198 apartments all together. It is located at the start of Lasnamäe, only one kilometre from Lauluväljak. In the proximity, on the Smuuli road, a new Maxima XX was opened. In addition, on the real estate across the street a new shopping and leisure centre is being planned and bus stops are in front of the apartment buildings on the streets of Liikuri and Vana-Kuuli. The apartments are constructed to be energy efficiency class B buildings. In every apartment there is an autonomous forced ventilation with heat exchanger.

    The construction and sales of the first house Vana-Kuuli 15/1 has begun. The first apartment building will be completed in the April of 2015. 1, 2, 3 and 4 room apartments will be on sale. In total there will be six 8-storey apartment buildings, with 33 apartments each, in total of 198 apartments, a garage on the basement floor and outdoor parking spaces. The construction of the apartment buildings is planned in stages, during the years of 2014 – 2017.

    The first under construction - Vana-Kuuli 15/1 has 33 apartments, of which:
    four apartments have 4 rooms with total area of 81,3 m2, also a 8,1 m2 balcony and storage room;
    fourteen apartments have 3 rooms with total area of 65,6 m2 or 74,7 m2, also a 2,9 m2 balcony and storage room;
    twelve 2 room apartments with total area of 44,4 m2 up to 55,1 m2, also a 2,9 m2 balcony and storage room;
    three 1 room apartments with total area of 34,8 m2, also a French balcony and storage room.
    The apartments are included with a balcony and storage space on the first floor.

    The apartment buildings will be constructed to be modern, energy efficiency class B buildings. Every apartment will have an autonomous high efficiency force ventilation with heat exchanger.  For the finish of the apartments quality materials will be used, Italian manufacturer Ballardini’s ceramic tiles, parquet floor, wood veneer doors.

    Parking spaces are located in the garage (on the 0 floor) of the apartment building, and outside in front of the house. The buyer can choose between garage and outdoor parking spaces, price of the parking space will be added to the cost of the apartment.

    Sales management: Colonna Kinnisvara OÜ, phone 646 1004

    Sales info: www.LIIKURI41.ee and www.colonna.ee