• June 2014

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    20. June

    The Estonian first bobsleigh team was introduced today

    Yesterday the Estonian first bobsleigh team was introduced whose main target will be a successful participation in the Winter Olympics of PyeongChang in 2018.

    The running for the bobsleigh team was open to all young athletes of up to 25 years of age. The interested persons could run for the team for two weeks, 45 requests were received within this period from the persons of very different sports background. For example, several young rowers, weightlifters, ralliers, cross-country skiers, people with speed-skating background as well as track and field athletes were represented.

    In the first selection stage which consisted of CV-round and conversation, 15 young men were chosen for whom the individual training plan was prepared which they should follow during summer. The author of Tallinn Bobsleigh Club idea and team manager Estonian honorary consul in Monaco Mauro Serra has a positive attitude towards selected candidates – these are sportsmen with good abilities. He added, “We create the team to win the games, not for participation in these. The good results come from good abilities, but much depends on the willingness of athletes. The aim is to participate in the European championships, world championships and Olympic games.“

    The coach of the team Eddy Riva mentioned that he has a good overview of the sports background of the candidates and vision of how to achieve success. The bobsleighers should be strong and fast: the kick-off should be fast with sleigh. It is surely important to direct the sleigh, but the strong push is primary,“ Eddy Riva added.

    Rando Kaljuvee, one of the chosen candidates, is currently going in for sport biathlon, but decided to run as a candidate as he felt the urge for new challenge. “I became interested in this sport already when watching the bobsleigh races at the Olympic Games in Sochi. Then I had already a wish to go in for this sport. As a good coincidence it was possible to run for the Estonian first bobsleigh team and I seized this opportunity”.

    In the opinion of Roberto de Silvestri, the representative of major sponsor Colonna Kinnisvara, this is a good project to introduce Estonia in the world and believes that he continues to support the Estonian bobsleigh also during next seasons.

    Martti Raju, sports director of the Estonian Olympic Committee, considered this project promising. “It is surely complicated to introduce a new sport in the Estonian sports sector, but this is an Olympic sport which is not disappearing from the Olympic programme in the near future and is also a rising TV sport. I hope that the Estonian sportsman is qualified to participate in the Olympics in this sport, considering that the qualification rules are not very easy. The starting potential is existent.

    In the middle of September the young athletes should pass physical tests, as a result of which up to 8 young men are chosen who continue in the team and participate in the training camp in Austria in November.