• September 2014

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    09. September

    Colonna purchased business-b​uilding in Pärnu mnt 139c

    Investors affiliated with Colonna purchased the business-building in downtown of Tallinn at Pärnu mnt 139c. The building has nine stories and there are offices and business areas, its net-area is 4956.9 m². One of the most well-known lessees is the prime-store of Standard Ltd. The price of the deal has not been publicised. 

    The investors affiliated with Colonna have purchased over 41 objects in Estonia. Majority of these are buildings with rental yield. In total, Colonna has over 143 000 m² of leased space under management. The latest large-scale transaction of Colonna’s investors took place in February 2014 last year when they purchased business building in Mustamäe Road 50. The company actively continues to purchase new investment objects for the portfolio of its investors.

    Colonna Capital is also proceeding with other development-projects. At the moment there is ongoing project in Vana-Kuuli 15/Liikuri 41 where are built nine-stories-high apartment buildings with a B-category energy class. For further information please visit: www.liikuri41.ee.

    Colonna is also resuming construction in Tohu street . More info: www.tohu.ee.

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