• October 2014

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    27. October

    Colonna Kinnisvara sponsors Estonian fashion

    Colonna Kinnisvara organized on Sunday, 26 October, the fashion show spectacle “After Dark Couture” pre-party in Seaplane Harbour, the spectators of which could be the first to see the new collections of Oksana Tandit and designers of the Embassy of Fashion Atelier.

    Upon the invitation of Roberto de Silvestri, member of the management board of Colonna Kinnisvara, the guests of exclusive pre-party could have the glance to the back-stage before the final accord of Tallinn Fashion Week 2014. The backstage-party mood was created by Absolut cocktails, snacks and music selection by DJ Elektra.

    “We have been supporting Estonian fashion already for years. We value the creation of the Estonian top designers highly and also wish hereinafter to contribute to that the increasing number of people could be a part of the world of these talented designers,” Roberto de Silvestri said on the sponsorship of fashion and cultural events before the show.

    Voluminous author collections of Oksana Tandit and designers of the Embassy of Fashion Atelier Riina Põldroos, Ketlin Bachmann and Aldo Järvsoo were presented at the glamorous haute couture show “After Dark Couture“ which included the hand-made festive outfits as unique pieces. The new jewellery collection by Tanel Veenre was also presented at the show celebrating the end of Tallinn Fashion Week held on 23-26 October.

    Colonna Kinnisvara, established in 2006 and dealing mainly with capital mediation, has today invested 110 million euros to the Estonian real estate projects as of today. The investors related to the company own today 40 commercial buildings.

    Besides fashion, Colonna Kinnisvara also sponsors sport and participates in charity projects.