• October 2015

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    15. October

    Colonna Kinnisvara is launching the sale of the third multi-apartment dwelling on Vana-Kuuli Street in Lasnamäe.

    In order to satisfy demand for new, high-quality housing in Tallinn’s Lasnamäe residential area, Colonna Kinnisvara enterprise has begun the construction and sale of a new 8-storey dwelling containing 33 apartments. This is the third addition to the current development of Liikuri Street area. Two buildings are complete and a further four are awaiting start dates.

    ¬Marek Õunamägi, Chairman of the Board at Colonna Kinnisvara, highlights the fact that “due to modern solutions for energy saving, the dwelling is designed in accordance with the requirements of energy efficiency class B. Individual forced ventilation with heat recuperation will allow future owners of the apartments to save considerably on utility bills”.

    The location of Paevälja residential area is important and beneficial to the future development of Lasnamäe – a modern living area, a residential district with new streets, shops, schools, kindergartens and recreation areas.

    “Lasnamäe’s residents are loyal to their habitat. The infrastructure is well-developed, the access roads are good and there is a bus stop in front of the building. Shops, schools and kindergartens are nearby. People who have been living here for a while value these benefits. If we are able to offer them new, quality apartments and safe living conditions, then we will please the residents of the area”, adds Marek Õunamägi.

    The multi-apartment dwelling on 15/3 Vana-Kuuli Street has 33 apartments with 1-4 bedrooms and floor areas ranging from 34.8m2 to 81.3m2. Residents will be able to park their cars in the underground garage or the outdoor parking area, situated in front of the dwelling. Each apartment has its own storage room. Apartment prices vary between 66 000 – 150 000 euros.The multi-apartment dwelling will be complete in the autumn of 2016.

    Colonna Kinnisvara